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Empowering Businesses Through Outstaffing Expertise

Craft Logistic is a leading outstaffing company based in Illinois, specializing in providing skilled and dedicated professionals to businesses across various industries

Expanding a business and building an in-house team is challenging 

Hiring and HR

Difficulty in finding suitable candidates, costs and time involved in advertising job openings, and conducting interviews


Financial burden of setting up and maintaining a physical office space and providing necessary equipment for employees

Salary Matching

The challenge of matching the competitive salaries offered in the US job market

Multiple Shifts

Additional expenses incurred when covering extended working hours


Workers Compensation, W-2, Insurance, Benefits, Overtime

We provide a complex solution

Cutting our partners costs by up 40%



Evaluate your logistics operations, and identify the specific skills, experience, and qualifications necessary for the role

1. Define Your Requirements

Clearly articulate your expectations, not only in terms of technical skills but also in terms of cultural fit and soft skills

2. Communicate Your Expectations

Once we know your needs, we will begin the process of screening and shortlisting potential candidates

3. Access to the Talent Pool

During the candidate evaluation process, prioritize candidates with prior experience in the necessary field

4. Evaluate Experience and Skills

Once you have identified the ideal candidate through outstaffing, ensure a seamless onboarding and integration process

5. Onboarding and Integration



  • Ukraine offers a broad range of highly skilled professionals across various industries, ensuring access to qualified experts for your outsourcing needs

  • The time zone alignment enables direct and timely communication between the USA and Ukraine, reducing delays and boosting efficiency.

  • The emphasis on English education in Ukraine guarantees clear communication, minimizing language barriers and facilitating efficient coordination.

  • Ukrainian professionals share a similar work ethic and values with the USA, promoting synergy in teamwork, smoother interactions, and enhanced productivity.

  • Outsourcing to Ukraine can lead to substantial cost savings without compromising quality, allowing you to optimize your budget effectively.




  • Monitor and track drivers/trips

  • Provide promptly updates over the phone and email

  • Use internal CRM system and update status

  • Manage 5-10 drivers

  • Broker verification

  • Paperwork setup

  • Driver assistance

  • Trip coordination

  • Performance analytics 

After Hours


  • Handle emergency situations like mechanical breakdowns, arrange service calls and negotiate on their prices

  • Resolve requests during the off work hours

  • Issue lumper payments for the drivers (T-checks)

  • Communicate with day-work dispatcher

  • Broker verification

  • Paperwork setup

  • Driver assistance

  • Trip coordination




  • Monitor and track drivers/ Trip coordination

  • Provide promptly updates over the phone and email to Brokers/Shippers

  • Use internal CRM system, email, phone for communication

Logbook manager


  • Monitor drivers' log e-books

  • Inform drivers when they need to change trailer's/log book's data

  • Provide promptly updates over the phone and email

  • Use internal CRM system and update status

  • Correct the data in the CRM

  • Manage ~50+ drivers

Positions we cover

Transparent service

We prioritize clear and open communication, ensuring that you are informed every step of the way

Thorough validation

Our staff is constantly going through several steps of validation including legal check, precise safety tests, compliance testing and thorough feedback collection. People are highly trained and strive for perfection

Logistics intelligence

By leveraging our expertise, resources, and talent, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the staffing needs

Our Benefits

Craft Logistic is a proper mixture of the best industry practices and innovative mindset.
We are a team of seasoned professionals who have a solid background in working with Fortune 500 companies.

Our Partners improve their profitability using staff augmentation with offshore professionals and reduce labor costs up to 40% market price.

If you haven't found the positions you need, please feel free to contact us for a discussion

Bohdan Kulchak

CEO, co-founder

Roman Zabolotovskyy

Director, co-founder

Natalie Vilchynska

Account Manager

Serge Ninichuk

Business Development Manager

Iurii Znak

Chief Marketing Officer

Our team

The People Who Make Us Who We Are


Outstaffing advantages:

  • Saves time, hassle,  and money

  • Allows focus on core business areas

  • Provides quality talent

  • Streamlines processes

  • Enables 24/7 services

At Craft Logistic

We establish remote teams helping you to focus on your key business while simultaneously reducing operational expenses

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650 Warrenville Road, Suite 100, Lisle, IL 60532
(773) 770-8765
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